My Two Year Weight Loss Anniversary

Over the long weekend my family and I visited Estes Park, Colorado, in a trip that has turned out to be a bit of a yearly tradition. I’ll write more about what we did and saw later, but I wanted … Continue reading

If You Had One More Day

I saw this video on Gawker last week, and I really loved the visual representation of how much time we have and how much we use just doing normal daily life activities. As a dreamer who wants to act on as many of her dreams as she possibly can, I get frustrated when this normal life stuff gets in the way of me learning how to play guitar or spend time hooping. Sometimes it feels pointless because I can only spend little pockets of time here or there learning how to do new things or doing things I love. But this video is just a reminder that just by carving out those little pieces of time I’m already doing so much. Much more than a lot of people are, and even if I’m never an amazing hooper or I can’t shred the guitar, at least I’ve spent those jelly bean nuggets of time doing something worthwhile, and something I love.

What would you do differently if you had one more day?

Hula Hooping Progress: Month Two

I’ve been hula hooping for just over two months. It’s been a wild ride and so much has happened that I never thought would be possible when I first started this practice at the end of May.


  • I hooped at my first music and camping festival and learned a lot about hooping in small spaces and being comfortable and confident in front of audiences.
  • I was featured on a local news station right before the weather segment.
  • I was able to go on stage and perform with Better Than Ezra during RAGBRAI.
  • I met lots of incredible people and made good friends through hooping RAGBRAI.
  • I’ve introduced at least two people to hooping since I started.
  • I attended my first hoop meet-up!
  • I’ve learned lots and lots of tricks, and finally got shoulder hooping down even though it seemed impossible.
  • I learned how to make my own hula hoops!

Still Need to Work On…

  • Posture when hooping.
  • Using arms, fingers, toes, legs to create more fluid and graceful movements.
  • Cleaner transitions.
  • Incorporating more off the body movements.
  • Incorporating stalls and reversals.
  • Barrel rolls…
  • Smiling while hooping!